• Every political party that is formed gives themselves a name in line with what they are coming to do or want to achieve.- Before 1964 when the country was in colonial times United National Independence Party (UNIP) emerged to help lead the country into independence.  Hence the name. – In 1991, the Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) emerged to help the country to attain multiparty democracy. These two parties played their role. 
  • The dispensation that we are in requires another party with a different mandate. The most important element in Zambia are its people and so no matter what you do, if Zambians do not benefit, then all is in vain. Some of the existing political parties identify themselves with Development. There has been a lot of development in Zambia but this has not directly benefited Zambians. 
  • The name Heritage is prophetic; it speaks volumes about what our party stands for.  It summarizes our expectations, our hopes, aspirations and purposes.  Heritage says we as a people have an inheritance – Zambia itself, the land and all its God given wealth. From Independence to date, ordinary Zambians have not been given an opportunity to partake of their inheritance – their Copper, Gold, Mukula Trees, Emeralds, etc. The New Heritage Party is saying the time has come for deliberate policies to be put in place, that will enable Zambians to partake of their Heritage.

Zambia – Our Heritage