1. Our Guiding Principle
    We are party guided by Biblical principles. We believe in the dignity of people and that all human life is precious in the eyes of God. Therefore, we must do all we can to preserve it.
  2. We are One Nation in Diversity and Unity
    We believe that diversity and inclusion, regardless of tribe, ethnicity, gender or age, contributes to our strength and impacts our shared economic, social and cultural success. We are a unifying party that seeks to bring all Zambians together to achieve our common aspirations.
  3. Zambians must Prosper
    Zambia’s wealth is the heritage of the Zambian people. Therefore Zambians must be empowered to prosper and benefit from the its wealth and natural resource
  4. Leadership and Good Governance
    We believe in a responsible governance that is fiscally prudent, accountable and attentive to the needs of its people.
  5. Freedom and Responsibility
    We believe in the freedom of individuals and communities to exercise free speech, worship and assembly and that this freedom must come with a collective responsibility to others.
  6. Loyalty to the Constitution
    We believe in loyalty to a Republic of Zambia that is governed in accordance with the Zambian Constitution and the rule of law.