Unlock the Economic Potential of Zambia

  1. Implement policies that encourage innovative and local enterprise; and strengthen them for regional and global expansion.
  2. Ensure that significant strategic interests are safeguarded for the country and in the ownership and control of Zambians.
  3. Selecting the most competent and future-focused people to manage Zambian resources and companies.



Empower Zambians and Restore their Dignity

  1. Restore the dignity of Zambians through the provision of quality education, health, sanitation, social welfare and protection.
  2. Strengthen governance structures and ensure enforcement of laws and policies for the benefit of all Zambians.
  3. Promote freedom of speech and expression, including divergent views on the issues of national interest.

    Institute Meritocratic Leadership

  1. Reward and promote people based on merit rather than on patronage and personal affiliations
  2. Ensure professionalism, independence and autonomy in our legal, security and public institutions.
  3. Promote integrity and accountability for leadership succession and continuity.