Course List

These are some of the course the ministry (the menorah international institute and its affiliates offers. Our aim/purpose/objective is to share knowledge Hosea 4:6, Prov. 21:20

  1. Diploma in Systematic Theology
    The course covers the three sessions of certificate in Systematic Theology, Pastoral Theology and Biblical Studies
  2. Certificate in Systematic Theology
    2.1 Character of God 1.2 Christology 1.3 Pneumatology 1.5 Eschatology etc.
  3. Certificate in Pastoral Theology
    3.1 Apologetics 3.2 Homiletics 3.3 Planning and Leadership 3.4 Counseling
  4. Certificate in Biblical Studies
  5. Certificate in Church Management and Leadership
    5.1 financial management 5.2 Basic Leadership 5.3 Discipleship etc
  6. certificate in Knowledge Management
    6.1 Consultancy, 6.2 Competence in Decision making, 6.3 Gender mainstreaming, 6.4