Corporate Introduction

Empire Cote Ltd is an international flooring Coat Company specializing in construction, industrial, commercial, residential, food and beverage, packaging, health and petrol chemical industries as well as corrosion protecting products etc.

Empire Cote Ltd strives to maintain excellent service levels and product delivery ensuring the provision of quality products and reliable service to our clients and partners.

Our vibrant team comes with a wealth of experience in all facets of flooring coat services and implementation.


We Manufacture, supply and install general Construction products.


We are also Manufacturers and suppliers of Corrosion Protection Coatings for use in industrial installations.


We Manufacture and install Industrial Commercial and Residential flooring systems.

Concrete Protection

Our Company's products in this category are ideal for demanding environment such as Acids plants, Power stations, Mining industry bund areas for secondary containment areas in processing plants.

Construction Products

Empirecote offers a wide range of concrete products that include Concrete Curing & Sealing Adhesives and Repair Products, Construction Grouting, Construction Floor Systems, Waterproofing Products, Joint Sealants

Corrosion Protection

On Corrosion protection, our company offers excellent maintenance coating for steel bridges, pipes, fences, machinery, structural steel or tank exteriors, especially when corrosion of steel has taken place.

Flooring Systems

We offer floor coatings, polysreed, self levelling screeds, anti-static flooring, commercial and decorative flooring. Our areas include Industrial, Food and Beverage, Packaging, Health care, Commercial and Automotive.

Empire Cote Limited offers a full range mining products pertaining corrosion resistant screeds, corrosion resistant coatings, and corrosion protection.

Our Approach and Experience

Our approach Empire Cote Ltd prides itself in being a multidisciplinary flooring coat firm hence meeting the clients demand at any given time.
We bring expert knowledge and cut through the clutter to what is real and reasonable floor coat.

We specialize in all flooring coat services. Our wealth of experience and commitment ensures expected results for both our clients and partners. We manage the entire process and procedure from product delivery to implementation (if the client wishes to do so).

Our Clients Include